Louisa.O. Eikhomun
Executive Director
Promoting Peace and Security for African Women and Girls
Echoes of Women in Africa Initiative(ECOWA) is a Nigerian non
governmental, non for profit,  women human rights
organisation promoting peace and security for African Women
and Girls, through Social Justice Education, Research and Policy
Advocacy and Support Interventions. ECOWA engages
stakeholders in monitoring compliance with international,
regional, and national policies on the protection of women and
girls in conflict and disaster.
Advocacy Visit by members of
LagosWomen2030 led by Echoes of
Women in Africa Initiative to  Ministry of
Economic Planning and Budget in  Lagos,
Nigeria on October 20th, 2017.
Agenda included: Overview of Women2030
Experience sharing from 2017 HLPF and
VNR, Analysis of Nigeria's report and
strategies for collaboration on the
implementation of the SDGs on leaving no
woman and girl behind in Nigeria.
Public hearing coming up on February
19th in Abuja. Equal Opportunity bill
favours men, women and youth and
persons with disability by eliminating all
forms of discrimination.
Echoes of Women in Africa led by Catherine Duru,  Deputy Executive Director  
organised  LagosWomen2030 on a protest march to condemn the killings in
Benue and other states in Nigeria.  From January 1st, 97 persons were killed in
herdsmen and farmers conflict, sadly of the slain ,  were pregnant women and
children. Women took the protest to Lagos state governor and speaker of Lagos
State House of Assembly on
 February 2nd 2018.Women in Nigeria have come
under attacks   from insurgents as well as herders  in places of  livelihoods
farmlands, and market places. Nigerian government  has tte responsibility to
protect and secure lives.
Echoes of Women in Africa , with support from Women Thrive Alliance participated
in #CSW
62 March 12 -23 with the Priority theme: Challenges and opportunities in
achieving gender equality and the empowerment of rural women and girls
Side Events organised by Women Thrive Alliance From challenges of  Women
Human Rights Defenders to Grassroots Feminist ;   
Echoes of Women in Africa congratulates and celebrates with Women Thrive Alliance
on their 20th Anniversary to commemorate international Women's Day in Washington
Louisa Eikhomun  Executive Director Echoes of Women in Africa participated and gave
the key note address. Emily Bove, Executive Director of Women Thrive Alliance
facilitated discussion on grassroots women's power and influence within UN space -
and what do we need to do to amplify it?
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#InTheRoom by Women Thrive Alliance was born from the
results of  2017 National SDG Scorecard, which revealed that
grassroots women’s rights groups and gender equality
advocates, for the most part, are consistently left out of SDG-
related decision-making spaces.

In order to #AchieveSDG5 (gender equality) women’s rights &
gender equality organizations/advocates need to be #InTheRoom
when national-level SDG related implementation decisions are
being made. From grassroots to global level, women are
empowered by Women Thrive to be in the room of decision

.#InTheRoom is one initiative to galvanize women’s rights
organizations from around the world around the importance of
women’s rights advocates place and participation in decision-
making on the SDGs at both the national and international levels.

Panel Discussion on rassroots Women Advocacy facilitated by Emily Bove Executive Director
Women Trive Alliance and roup Poto of Network members, Staff and Board of Women Trive
Alliance in Wasinton DC on Marc 8
CSW 62 Marc 12 -23 United Nations
Side Event on callenes of rassroots  feminist by CIVICUS and Women Trive Alliance on Marc
19, 2018. Feminist from Nigeria, Zimbabawe, Middle East all shared their experience, ranin
from patriacy, reliion, enablin environment , repressive laws, to lack of funding
 Defending and Promoting Rights of Rural Women for Sustainable
-A side event oranised by Women Major Group WMG from Nigeria, to the
Phillipines, to Puppua Guinea and Carribeans, rural women face similar challenges
Eikhomun spoke as facilitator and a panelist sharing her experience and challenges rang
from patriarchy, repressive laws and  funding,  all contributing to the shrinking spaces of
grassroots organisation and feminists.