Promoting Peace and Security for African Women and Girls

Programmes and projects are carried out through sensitization, seminars, trainings and
advocacy campaigns addressing conflicts, peace, and security. Focusing on preventing
and responding to violence in the family, schools, environment, business and communities
and equipping with conflict prevention, resolution and peacemaking skills.

Several projects have been carried out under this programme.
Research and advocacy programme is on peace and conflict management,
data gathering and documentation of experiences of victims  and survivors for
advocacy, to impact policy and social change and provide ranges to achieve
equality and peace for women.

ECOWA participated in a Gender Assessment Research on  Monitoring
implementation of SDGS in Nigeria using KOBO Collect to gather information
from respondents in a survey. The research was funded by EU and
coordinated by Women Environmental Proramme( WEP) under Women2030

Equall opportunity Bill pending in Nigeria
The goal of the GEO Bill is to provide a legislation that seeks to eliminate all
forms of discrimination on the basis of sex/  gender in private and public
spaces, affirms women’s  rights to equal opportunities to realize their full
potential and provide protection for their bodily integrity and human dignity.

Responding to female victims of domestic violence, conflict and natural
disasters by providing for immediate needs and (as the case may be referred)
for shelter, food, support, legal aid and counseling.

Encouragers Circle:

•        ECOWA Initiative runs a monthly forum called ‘ENCOURAGERS
CIRCLE’ with indigent female victims of abuse, conflict, widows and women
with disabilities. This circle is aimed at encouraging these women with hope
and courage, and provision of reliefs (food and clothing) and financial
empowerment (micro credit) health and legal aid.
This circle is also a platform for these women to share their experiences
receive counseling and carry on with their lives. The victim becomes survivors
and are able to reach out to other victims with their success strategies.
2017 HLPF at the United
ECOWA with funding from Women Major Group
participated at The 2017 HLPF. From July 10-19th the
world gathered at the UN  with the Theme: ‘Eradicating
poverty and promoting prosperity in a changing world’ was
the theme of the High Level Political Forum (HLPF) .A
thematic review was conducted for SDGs 1, 2, 3, 5, 9, and
14. 43 countries including Nigeria  presented their
Voluntary National Reviews (VNRs) on progress towards
the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)