Support Us
Hasana is a Young IDP under the age of 5. She fled with
her mother rom Gwoza in Borno State to Abuja. She is
Malnourished and barely cladded and sleeps on the floor
in her mother's tent. She needs balanced diet, clothings,  
and education.
Donate to improve on young Hasana's life for a better
Monica was forcefully ejected out of her
house by her husband along with her five
She squats in a Church and dose petty trade
to feed herself and her children.

Donate to support Monica's and her five
children.who are attending school a skill for
livelihood and a decent low lost cost
Support for Female IDP'S. 52% of IDP'S in Nigeria from
insurgency attacks are Women (IOM 2015). 56% are children
under 5 years.

Some are in camps while majority are with host families.
Their needs vary from decent accomodation, food, water,
sanitation and education of the children.

Donate to women and children in camps and with host families.
Basic needs include:  Food Items of Rice, Meat and Fish,Beans,
Eggs, Yams, Potatoes, Vegetables.

Household Needs are: clothings, mattresses, pillows,
bedsheets, sanitary pads, pampers, kerosine and
stove,clothing,cooking pots, kettles, cutleries, toys etc.
School Uniforms,School Bags,Books,School Sandals, pens,
pencils,white baords, markers etc.

Psychological Needs: Psychosocial Counselling.
ECOWA Initiative runs a monthly support group called ‘ENCOURAGERS CIRCLE’ with
indigent female victims of abuse, conflict, widows and women with disabilities. This circle is
aimed at encouraging these women with hope and courage, and provision of reliefs (food
and clothing) and economic empowerment (skills for livelihood and micro credit) health and
legal aid.
This circle is also a platform for these women to share their experiences receive counseling
and carry on with their lives. The victim becomes survivors and are able to reach out to
other victims with their success strategies.Without funding this support group will be
irregular and finally stopped and this will affect most victims who feel alone in their suffering
and others who would continue to endure abuse.
The Forum host 25 women and girls at a paid venue, with refreshments, medical aid,  skill
aquisition and micro credit.