Promoting Peace and Security for African Women and Girls
-A side event organised by Women Major
Group WMG from Nigeria, to the Philippines,
to Puppua Guinea and Caribbeans.
A protest organized against herdsmen killings in
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#InTheRoom by Women Thrive Alliance was born
from the results of  2017 National SDG Scorecard,
which revealed that grassroots women’s rights groups
and gender equality advocates, for the most part, are
consistently left out of SDG-related decision-making
In order to #AchieveSDG5 (gender equality) women’s
rights & gender equality organizations/advocates
need to be #InTheRoom when national-level SDG
related implementation decisions are being made.
From grassroots to global level, women are
empowered by Women Thrive to be in the room of
decision making

.#InTheRoom is one initiative to galvanize women’s
rights organizations from around the world around the
importance of women’s rights advocates place and
participation in decision-making on the SDGs at both
the national and international levels.
Echoes of Women in Africa congratulates and
celebrates with Women Thrive Alliance on their
20th Anniversary to commemorate international
Women's Day in Washington DC.
Louisa Eikhomun  Executive Director Echoes of
Women in Africa participated and gave the key
note address. Emily Bove, Executive Director of
Women Thrive Alliance facilitated discussion on
grassroots women's power and influence within UN
space - and what do we need to do to amplify it?
Panel Discussion on rassroots Women Advocacy facilitated
by Emily Bove Executive Director Women Trive Alliance
and roup Poto of Network members, Staff and Board of
Women Trive Alliance in Wasinton DC on Marc 8